The 2001 Gujarat earthquake occurred on January 26, 2001, India’s 51st Republic Day, at 08:46 AM. The epicentre was Bhuj (23.6° N 69.8° E) Gujarat, India. With a magnitude of between 7.6 and 8.1 on the Richter scale, the quake killed around 20,000 people injured another 167,000 and destroyed nearly 400,000 homes.

The shock waves spread 700 km. 21 districts were affected and 600,000 people left homeless.

Over a million structures were damaged or destroyed, including many historic buildings and tourist attractions. The quake destroyed around 90% of homes, eight schools, two hospitals and 4 km of road in Bhuj and partly destroyed the city’s historic Swaminarayan temple. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s commercial capital with a population of 4.6 million, as many as 50 multi-storied buildings collapsed and several hundred people were killed. Total property damage was estimated at $5.5 billion and rising. The quake destroyed 80% of usable food and water supplies in Kutch

How much money was raised?
We raised £3.1million

What did we fund?

  • For immediate relief, our funds provided for food, water, medical attention and temporary shelter for the victims of the earthquake. Our NGO partner – Seva Bharati became the coordinating agency for earthquake relief, and has organised over 1,000 food distribution camps, and over 100 tent villages to house the victims of the earthquake.
  • Within the first few days, our funds were also used to set up a makeshift hospital in the town of Bhachhau, to serve 72 surrounding villages. This hospital consisted of 100 beds with areas partitioned for x-ray, pathology, operating theatre, medical stock room, and an outpatients department. Over 19,000 outpatients were treated and 2,500 operations (including amputations) were performed in the six month period that the hospital was operating. Volunteer Doctors, Nurses, and Health Counsellors from the UK went to help the victims, in particular the very young to help them get over the trauma.
  • Our funds funded the total rebuilding of six entire villages in the earthquake zone. The villages of Mitha Pasvaria, Chapredi, Sayan, Rapar, Badanpur, and Rampura have been adopted by Sewa UK. Each village has been built with earthquake proof houses, a primary school, surgery / health centre, shops, water storage tank, electricity & gas cabling, a library, roads, police station, together with the total communications infrastructure and other modern amenities.
  • In addition, our funds have been used to build 253 Bhunga Houses (traditional Kutchi houses) in 9 villages within Bhuj, Kutch these being: Dhrobana, Jankunaria, Juna, Sadhara, Khavada, Dinara, Dadar, Andho, and Lakhpat.
  • We also funded a total of 35 schools, which have been built in the villages.
  • In addition, we also funded 2 mobile medical vehicles and a dispensary which is used to provide medical assistance to over 20 affected villages, dispensing medicine and providing general medical help within villages that do not have a health centre. These mobile medical vehicles are fully equipped with essential medical equipment together with a Doctor.