1. We are developing the new school in the same village (Chhinka) the place is 500 meters from the damaged school.
  2. Land size ( 500 sq.yard) has been already acquired by the school . We have engaged Hanukripa enterprises, a local architect and contractor. They  have completed the foundation laying work & columns are being laid in rcc.
  3. The children studding in a old government building in the same village.
  4. The construction was delayed by six months by the rain and monsoons this year.
  5. The progress of Work is tardy due to tough transportation system. The foundation  laying was also slowed down due to solid rock below.
  6. The new plan will provide extra space for assembly / library and offer area for recreation.
  7. The work is already in progress.
  8. 15 th December we would provide a new proposal.

Rebuilding Saraswati Shishu Mandir

Can someone imagine of a caving in of a half the village couple of meters? Here in the village Chhinka, Chamoli district, we visualized that.

Located on the banks of Alaknanda village, a unique phenomenon made half the village sink in as the flood waters down 150meters had cut the banks. The village is located across two hills creating the gorge that slipped down creating havoc and all the building structures in the gorge have gone topsy turvy, save the buildings on both the hills. Sarashwati Shishu Mandir, part was just built a year earlier, did also cave in. The building has been torn apart like in to pieces, tearing even the column-beam joints and the flooring is all hollowed out. It is scary to enter the structure which stands tilted. To everyone’s surprise half the play ground sunk in by 7 feet making this a two level field. There is no other alternate but to shift to the hill side which is firm ground and the local team did acquire a beautiful plot atop the hill.

One has to walk up at least a kilometre rising up at least 300 meters to reach the new site. This school serves students from at least 8 surrounding villages and reconstructing the school is important keeping need in view. The school is being run an government school building which had stopped running a decade earlier proving it amply that the need is higher. Sewa UK has come forward to reconstruct the school on the newly acquired site and the plans are being prepared. Getting an Architect to design the new school building is almost a Himalayan task as we do not find one at least within 200 kms.

However, standing atop the hill school site, we were amazed to see the snow clad mountain ranges of Nanda Devi even in the last week of April and down there the sonorous music produced by the gushing waters of Alaknanda had a soothing effect on our minds.

Lets build the school right here!

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