The Mount Kilimanjaro trek was organised for the very first time by Sewa International. 23 Participants completed the trek from 11 July to 18 July 2006 (12 were from Bradford and Leeds) with ages ranging from 16 to 58.

Sewa International have raised a phenomenal £61,858 in funds to date.
The organisers would wish to thank all donors.

Satish Shah, Trek Coordinator reports.

We chose the popular MARANGU ROUTE also known as the coca cola route.
Day 1 was registration followed by 4-5 hour walk through beautiful rain forest to Mandara Hut, 2077m. Day 2 started early for 7 hour walk to Harombo Hut, 3720m. The vegetation was changing to moorland. Day 3 was an acclimatisation walk up to the Zebra rocks, 4000m and back to Harombo.

Day 4 saw an 8 hour trek through alpine desert landscape up to Kibo Hut, 4700m. Few were feeling the altitude sickness. Early into the sleeping bag at sun set to be woken up at 11pm for a light snack. At 12.30 am we set off for the summit, the temperature was -20c and with the thin air progress was slow. Eventually 17 made it to Gilman Point, 5681m. The guides did a marvellous job of assisting few who had to give up due to mountain sickness.

Projects in Kenya currently being supported:

  • Jaipur food project with Rotary Club £5100
  • Water pump project with Young Jains £8100
  • Education aid project with Jamuri High School, Nairobi £13100 over four years.
  • Environment project with local community participation – tree planting £3100
  • Eye camps cataracts operations £5100

Comments from participants

“I have run lot of sponsored marathons for local charities over the years. The temptation to climb Kili was too great to miss.”
Kamlesh Patel

“After being cajoled into joining the trek and training in the Yorkshire dales, I thoroughly enjoyed the trek. Equally challenging was raising funds for worthwhile projects and new skills have been picked up.”
Ashwin Mistry 


The trek was a childhood dream come true, for many in the group.

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