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Overview of Rickshaw Run 2023

The aim of this adventure is to have a group of participants from around the globe, travel across India driving an auto rickshaw. Each rickshaw has 3 participants and they have to navigate themselves and take turns to drive the rickshaws. Whilst on route discovering India and seeing various Sewa projects. Rickshaw Run 2023 will see the 108 Rickshaw Run self-funded participants from around the world will be travelling from Chitrakoot to Kutch in 36 Rickshaws covering over 2000km in 12 days, raising funds and awareness for this noble project in December 2023.

The Sewa UK Rickshaw Run 2023 (RR23) will be supporting the refurbishment of a dental unit at Arogyadham in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh, India. The facility provides FREE or very affordable cleft and palate surgery to support the 500 surrounding villages. The building will have 6 dental surgeries on the 1st floor. On the ground floor, it will have 1 dental surgery, 1 operation theatre and 1 dental lab including waiting areas, offices and washroom facilities.

The operations that take place are life changing for the children and allow them to integrate into normal society without any associated stigma.

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Rickshaw Run 2019

These Wheels of Change create a Pathway and Transform Lives

December 2023 witnessed an exhilarating and unforgettable adventure as the Rickshaw Run, organised by SEWA International UK, took 108  self-funded participants on an epic journey across challenging terrains. Fusing the thrill of a Rickshaw run with the spirit of charity, this event captured the hearts and minds of adventurers, all while contributing to meaningful causes. Having raised over £620,000 so far with many donations still coming in.

The Rickshaw Run 2023 challenged conventional norms of travel as teams embarked on an epic journey across diverse landscapes. From bustling cities to remote villages, the Rickshaw convoy weaved through India's heart from Chitrakoot through to Gujarat- Kutch covering 4 states driving over 2000 kms, testing the mettle of participants and their three-wheeled companions.

SEWA UK, known for its commitment to humanitarian causes, ensured that the Rickshaw Run wasn't just about the thrill of the ride but also about making a positive impact. Teams participating in the event were encouraged to raise funds to build Deen Dayal Research Institute Dental Hospital in Arogya Dham in Chitrakoot championed by SEWA UK, turning the adventure into a meaningful philanthropic endeavour which will reach out to over 500 surrounding villages. Enable them to transform lives and provide FREE or very affordable cleft and palate surgery. The operations that will take place will be life changing and will enable them to integrate into normal society without any associated stigma.

Our aim is to have a number of camps every year that provide various medical treatments to marginalised communities. Using the skills and dedication of teams of volunteers from the UK,  SEWA UK supports the training of local staff to treat patients and educate villagers so they can become self-reliant.

One of the defining features of the Rickshaw Run is the camaraderie that emerges among the participants. Teams from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and countries came together, forming bonds forged by the shared challenges and triumphs of the road. The spirit of teamwork and mutual support was palpable as everyone navigated the unpredictable terrain in their resilient, Rickshaws.

The Rickshaw Run 2023 didn't just follow well-trodden paths; it explored the road less travelled. From the urban chaos of metropolitan areas to the serene landscapes of rural India, participants experienced the rich tapestry of the country. The route was carefully curated to showcase the diverse beauty of India while testing the limits of the Rickshaws and their intrepid drivers.

Unforgettable Moments: As with any adventure, the Rickshaw Run 2023 was filled with unforgettable moments. From breakdowns in the middle of nowhere to impromptu interactions with locals, each day brought new challenges and unexpected joys. Spending the day with the less abled Children from various Sewa UK Projects had been a pivotal moment for many participants. These shared experiences forged lasting memories that will undoubtedly be retold with laughter and nostalgia in the years to come. Leaving lifelong permanent footprints in the participants hearts, as they distant themselves from the materialistic world and delve into the world of selfless giving. As hearts connected and participants became more connected to the underprivileged world they had before them.  

Days after the Challenge had finished as we turned the first page of the New year, the 36 Rickshaws we distributed to diligently chosen underprivileged families who were below poverty line in Gujarat. These wheels of change shall offer a pathway to long- term sustainable livelihoods.

Conclusion: The Rickshaw Run 2023, organised by SEWA International UK, was more than just an adventure; it was an odyssey of self-discovery, cultural immersion, and philanthropy. Understanding the dharmic concept of Seva.  As the Rickshaws rolled across the finish line, the participants not only celebrated their personal achievements but also the collective impact they made on the lives of those supported by SEWA UK. In the spirit of adventure, charity, and camaraderie, the Rickshaw Run 2023 will be remembered as a journey that transcended the ordinary and left an indelible mark on all those who took part.

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“As a person living in India, using a rickshaw for transport is a normal thing. What is not normal is for me to drive a rickshaw around!The thrill of driving a 3-wheeler is quite different. The feel of wind on your face in the open cabin, is a thing to enjoy. Realising that I can drive the rickshaw felt like a good achievemene”

- Anuja Piplapure

“Difficult to know where to start considering all the pre-planning, during and post event activities and so many of them…..So here are a few highlights from a personal and SewaUK point of view. When Sanjay first brought up the suggestion of a rickshaw ride in India some 18-months prior to our departure, there was no hesitation at all, and the cogs started turning with big bold ideas.”

- Harish Bhudia

“A journey of over 2500km started with just an idea. An idea that led to 90+ people travelling over 12 amazing days in a three-wheeler. An idea that people both though was lunacy and amazing in equal measure. An idea that led to so many amazing memories that it could be a book within itself. ”

- Deepak Pathak

“Our journey was many things: dangerous, tiring, exciting, rewarding, but most of all it was special. It was a special way to see a special country and witness the special work that’s being carried out there. And being able to experience such wonderful moments together was a true gift; we grew so close as a group, making new long-lasting friendships that will not fade any time soon. .”

- Vipasha Surange




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