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Adventure4Sewa: All Past Projects

  • 31 May 2012 3:45 AM | Sewa UK (Administrator)

    The 7th annual Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge
    Sunday 5th May 2013

    Over 530 registered to join us this year. Conditions on the day were tough with rain and cold temperatures – thanks to all who participated and volunteered.

    Trek stats

    3 Peaks – 92 participants
    2 Peaks – 168 participants
    1 Peak (long) – 91 participants
    1 Peak (short) – 130 participants
    Non-walkers – 8
    Volunteers – 24

    Total registered – 530
    Absentees registered – 29

    FUNDS RAISED: Approx £12,000 to date

    On Sunday 5th May 2013 (bank holiday weekend), we will be embarking on our 7th annual Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

    This sponsored walk/trek covers 24.5 miles and goes across Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough; a total climb of 5,000ft. There is a choice of walk(s) for all – choose to do 1,2 or all 3 peaks.

  • 11 Mar 2012 4:51 AM | Sewa UK (Administrator)

    On Sunday 6th May 2012 (bank holiday weekend), we embarked on our 6th annual Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

    This sponsored walk/trek covers 24.5 miles and goes across Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough; a total climb of 5,000ft. There is a choice of walk(s) for all – choose to do 1,2 or all 3 peaks.

    Trek Report : The 6th Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge 

    Excellent weather conditions, record number of entries.

    543 on the day plus few short time visitors.

    Three Peaks – 157
    2 Peaks – 126
    1 Peak long  – 120
    1 Peak short & part walk  – 114
    Volunteers some walking  – 14
    Volunteers not walking  – 12
    Registered but not attended – 21

    So many happy faces and many with tears of joy on their achievement, so many new friends made.

    FUNDS RAISED: £7000  as at 03/06/2012

    All funds are for The Three R`S Education Trust / Saraswati, Charity No: 1103125
    All funds are for Nepal Ekal Vidyalaya

    Thank you to all participants and volunteers from The Y3Peaks Committee

  • 16 Oct 2011 5:16 AM | Sewa UK (Administrator)

    The total climb of this trek is approximately 9000ft/ 2900m – (around 21 miles walking distance).

    This option allows both Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike to be climbed in daylight, leaving an easy Snowdon path to be climbed at night.

    Trek Itinerary
    08.00am: Start Ben Nevis.
    01.00pm: Finish Ben Nevis and start drive to Scafell Pike (six hour drive).
    07.00pm: Arrive and start climbing Scafell Pike
    10.30pm: Finish Scafell Pike and start drive to Snowdon (four hour drive).
    03.30am: Arrive and start climbing Snowdon
    07.55am: Finish Snowdon, and complete challenge.

    Travel to Nevis near Fort William on Friday 13th July

    For more details visit:

    Additional Details
    • GROUP SIZE: 10
    Funds raised will go to SEWA UK

    • COST: approx £130 for car share, 1 night bunk bed and some food.
    Any additional car expenses will be shared

    How to register
    • Administration, registration and training: Satish Shah
    • Email:

    • You will need to have a large car
    • You will need the service of a dedicated volunteer car driver
    • You will need enough walkers who are able to take on this
    serious and punishing challenge. The Yorkshire 3 peaks is a
    good training start – 24 miles and 5000ft / 1600m climb

    You will need to raise funds for SEWA UK

  • 1 Sep 2009 6:18 AM | Sewa UK (Administrator)

    209 participants took part in the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge on Sunday 3rd May 2009. The Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge is a 24.5 mile distance, and a total climb of 5000ft. 195 walkers and 14 volunteers took part. Overall, we raised £11,885 including gift aid and tax relief.

    Overall, we raised £11,885 including gift aid and tax relief. A big thanks to all participants and donors.

    Comments received from few participants

    On behalf of all of us, we would like to thank all your guides for taking great interest, caring, supporting, and encouraging us till the end of this most exciting adventurous walk of life time.

    Shamjibhai has been the inspirer for all of us and we all would like to thank him for his inspiration and encouragement. Without him we would not have done the walk.

    We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Keep up the good work and most definitely, we will join you again, when you organize the next walk. We all feel a lot better health wise, and your organization has given us something to look forward to. To bring unity into the family and friends, this I believe is one of the great activities, we all should take up in our life.

    The three peaks had the most beautiful scenery. It was special for those, coming from London. We all enjoyed the day. The walk was hard but  the encouragement and support from the guides, made the walk that much easier.

    It was one of the most memorable day of our life.
    We hope Seva International goes stronger & stronger each year.

    Best wishes,

    Shailesh Patel, London.

    Thank you very much for the encouragement. Lots of credits go to the support team. The whole project was very well organised.The sight of guides/ friendly faces intermittently along the way was very heart warming. especialy at times when I felt almost broken. This project had some sort of facilities for the whole family. I am deeply indebted to everyone, especialy to the support team who had to stay on single spots in the cold to hand out instructions and refreshments. The fruits- especialy the bananaes, including the sweets and water were very useful.

    It almost worked out like a day out. Everyone was very caring and supportive. It was more like a family atmosphere. Lots of new acquaintances. At the end of the day the benefits are enormous, as far as healthis concerned. I did complete it mostly because of my mental set up andthe excellent encouragement I obtained on my way. No doubt the joint aches.

    Dr Brijanand, Bradford

    I would like to commend the volunteers who this year did an excellent job, lead by Hasmukhbhai. They were waiting with open arms and there to tend to all needs.

    Best regards,
    Vijay Chandria, Surrey

  • 1 Nov 2008 4:51 AM | Sewa UK (Administrator)

    Sewa International organised a high altitude trek to Ladakh again for 2008
    24th August to 13th September 2008.
    Funds raised: £31,541

    Satish Shah, Trek Co-ordinator Reports.

    – This trek is graded D, similar to Mt Kilimanjaro, but Stok Kangri is graded E.

    – The group has raised £31,541, and the trip itself was self-financed.


    11 students and recent graduates arrived in Rishikesh and stayed at the Paramath Ashram. Voluntary work was undertaken in teaching and food serving. They spent two days at Divya Prem Sewa Mission, teaching and interacting with the youth.


    17 participants arrived in Manali, altitude 2000m, after a tiring 16 hour journey. We visited two ancient temples of Hidamba ( wife of Bhim ) and Vashistha Kund (Kul Guru of Raghu Dynasty in Ramayan ) which has a hot spring pool.

    Day 3 – Crossed over Rohtang Pass 3985m, to Jespa 2550m for the night.

    Day 4 – Crossed Baralacha Pass 4650m to Sarchu 4300m. Sarchu was cold, having spent the night in tents.

    Day 5 began with snow fall and poor visibility. We made a late start crossing Lachulung La Pass 5065m and Taglang La pass 5317m, arriving safely in Leh.

    Day 6 – Met Sewa officials and visited a nursery school, a primary school, and a boarding school. We were fortunate to perform Sindhu Darshan on the Sindhu River (river Indus). Our Hindu name was given by foreigners based on the ancient civilisation in the Sindhu river valley. The temperature in Leh was cool at an altitude of 3500m. This part of the trip was also for essential altitude acclimatisation.


    Day 7 – Commenced trek to Rambuk Village, 3500m, a gentle 6 hour walk. The village is entirely eco friendly. En route we met a large group of 35 trekkers from Scotland. Day 7 was a steep challenging 8 hour walk, crossing over Stok La pass 4900m and stopping at Lower Stok La range, 4200m, for the night.

    Day 8  - Was relaxing with a gentle acclimatising walk to the near by hills. In the late afternoon it started to snow heavily and the students and our guides engaged in a lively snowball fight. A couple of our group members were feeling mild altitude sickness.

    Day 9 – Made an early start to the Stok Kangri base camp 5000m. Unfortunately, 1 member of the group decided to return to Leh due to severe altitude sickness. In the late afternoon we walked up to 5250m.

    Day 10 – arrived at Advanced Base Camp 5300m to witness a beautiful sunset. It was very cold and after some food we retired early to our sleeping bags. It was a success as all 16 spent the night at such a high altitude.

    Day 11 – As this was the summit day, wake up call was at midnight and 15 of us set off at 01.00am, well wrapped up and slowly inching forward by torch light. The air was thin and at around 5600m 2 members retired due to extreme cold. The rest were pushing forward and Shane Parmar was first to summit just after 8.30am. He was followed by 9 others including pensioner Rati Shah at the young age of 66. Another 3 made it to 6030m. Everyone arrived safely back to the camp.

    Day 12 – 7 hour walk to Stok village and drive to Leh. In the evening we met up with local Sewa volunteers for prayers and a celebration dinner.

    Day 13 – Early flight to Delhi, followed by a visit to a local Sewa project, a multi purpose centre near a large slum. The centre has a medical dispensary, crèche, nursery, and classes in sewing, makeup, beauty, computers etc. Next we visited Matru Chhayaa, a centre where newly born abandoned babies are provided with loving care and attention and then adoption with families is organized under strict conditions and rules for the adoptee family. Next we visited another learning centre in a large slum by the railway line.

    The whole trip was an eye opener to Sewa charity work and its dedicated volunteers, and an ultimate personal endurance challenge climbing Stok Kangri.

  • 20 Nov 2007 5:54 AM | Sewa UK (Administrator)

    Sewa International organised an 8 Day High Altitude Trek to Ladakh
    From 1st – 14th July 2007.
    Satish Shah, Trek Co-ordinator Reports.


    – The group flew to Leh, at an altitude of 3500 meters.
    – The group crossed three high mountain passes, summiting Palam Peak, 5360 meters and Stok Kangri (optional), 6114 meters (20130 feet)
    – This trek is graded D, similar to Mt Kilimanjaro, but Stok Kangri is graded E.
    – The group has raised £42,541, and the trip itself was self-financed.


    Our group consisted of 24 people, including 10 females and age range of 17 to 59. The eight day high altitude trek started with a drive from Leh to Choksi.

    Day 1 was an easy 4 hour walk. Day 2 was a tough 11 hour long walk to base of Kank La 4700m. On the third day we crossed Kang La pass at 5260m and carried on to Palam Peak 5360m. This was an achievement for most people who had had no previous high altitude trek experience.

    Day four encountered snow and mist as we made our way to the eco friendly village of Rumbak, with no electricity and running water and where all waste is recycled.

    Day five crossed Stok La pass, 4900m, having seen distinct rock formations. The next day we made it to Stok Kangri base camp, 4800m. On day seven, we left our camp at 1am with torches, in freezing conditions.

    At around 4am we put on ice crampons and started the ascent of Stok Kangri, 6114m. The snow covered steep ascent was very difficult though the views were breath taking. 13 successfully completed the 8 day trek which was very demanding but fulfilling. Ladakh has a magic charm however life can be tough for the local residents.The last day in Delhi was spent visiting various sewa projects in the city slums, this was a real eye opener for the group.

    Comments from participants

    “The trek was very well organised and afforded complete participation. The awareness of these activities should be well publicised and therefore allow a lot of novices to start challenging their own abilities and perceptions. I thoroughly recommend interested people to make contact and find out more.”
    Raju Shah, Luton

    “The Ladakh trek was another personal achievement after completing the Kilimanjaro trek in 2006 and previously in 2004. Having personally raised almost £10,000, The fundraising was put into perspective when I saw the actual complete devotion of Sewa work being carried out in Delhi. The dedication of the volunteers in schools, orphanages and medical facilities shows what can be achieved with a few funds. It is a triumph that Sewa International has virtually no overhead and administration costs compared to other charities, which makes me want to donate and fundraise again and again knowing that every penny goes where it counts.”
    Professor Janesh Gupta, Birmingham

    "It was an honour to take part in the tough trek and see Ladakh Himalayan mountain range and raise funds for those less fortunate. So much more we can do.”
    Dinesh Shah, Bradford

    “Arise awake and take up the challenge.”
    Shaila Gosrani, Bradford

  • 20 Oct 2007 6:15 AM | Sewa UK (Administrator)

    By Janak Shah, London


    – Took place on 23rd September 2007.
    – The sky dive was in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research and Refuge
    – Funds raised: £37,480


    Looking down past clouds and birds, at the spectators below, knowing that you are about to plummet 13,000ft releases an explosion of emotions that absolutely nothing can prepare you for; emotions that you never thought you were capable of feeling, yet you still experience a heightened state of alertness acknowledging how the clouds are pure white, how bright and blinding the sun is and the look of awe on those around you also gazing down. A quick glance left at the camera and a slight smile before suddenly realising that the floor of the plane is no longer below your feet, that it is getting harder to breathe as the air rushes past you at 120mph, sensing the euphoria that makes you shout out ‘this is incredible!’ and yet always thinking about the what ifs.

    All 35 divers were asked to raise £1000 for two charities; Refuge and Macmillan Cancer Support. Refuge strives to achieve a world where domestic violence is not tolerated or ignored and where women and children can live in safety. Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. Providing practical, medical, emotional and financial support and campaigning for better cancer care. After much cajoling, begging and arm-twisting, a total of £37,480.23 was raised.

    Thanks to all those who have supported the Sewa Skydive.
    The 35  brave volunteers are: Mr Amit Shah, Mr Anand Shah, Mr Anand Vyas, Mr Andrew Hudson, Mr Arup Ganguly, Mr Ashish Patel, Mr Baiju Shah, Mr Bhavik Depala, Miss Bhaaval Shah, Mr Bipin Dabasia, Mr Darshan Depala, Mr Divyesh Depala, Mr Hitesh Parmar, Mr Janak Shah, Mr Jeegar Jagani, Mr Jitesh Naran, Mr Kartik Dave, Mr Khilan Shah, Mr Mayur Shah, Mr Neetesh Pota, Mr Neil Pota, Mr Nikesh Parekh, Mr Nikhil Mankad, Mr Nikil Parmar, Mr Nilesh Solanki, Mrs Parita Shah, Miss Poonam Mistry, Miss Radhe Patel, Mr Rahul Malde, Mr Rajen Shah, Mr Rajkamal Patel, Mr Shakti Thakkar, Mrs Shivani Pala, Miss Sneha Haria, Miss Sukhwinder Parmar, Mr Vikas Pota, Miss Ushma Shah.

    Ms. Sandra Horley, OBE, Chief Executive of Refuge said: “Domestic violence is a serious crime that destroys lives. One woman in four experience domestic violence at some point in their life and two women are killed every week in England and Wales.  Sewa International’s amazing physical and fundraising efforts will help support Refuge’s life saving and life changing work.”

    Mr. Ciaran Devane, CEO of Macmillan Cancer Support said: “I am delighted that the staff of Sewa International have chosen to improve the lives of people affected by cancer by donating this fantastic amount of money – £22,500 – that they have raised to Macmillan Cancer Support. This will go towards a specialist Macmillan Pharmacist at the North West London Hospitals Trust. The pharmacist will make a real difference to the lives of cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy treatment by ensuring that patients’ vital chemotherapy drugs are available when they need them, they are up to date, and they are effective. And the Pharmacist will provide reliable support and information about the medication and any side-effects patients might experience.

    Many Thanks to Vikas Pota for organising the event.

    A rush of air at 120mph takes your breath away!
    Report by Hitesh Parmar who participated.

    After waiting for 2 hours on the ground at the airfield and 10-minutes of anticipation as the aircraft climbs, the door opens – Your heart beats faster.

    The instructor shuffles you to the door… before you know it – your looking down onto the earth with your legs out…

    ‘Ready…. Set… Put your head back’ shouts the instructor.
    You can barely hear him.

    As you give him the sign that your ready – you begin the free-falling from 10,000 feet. The rush of air distorts your face as your travel at over 170 feet per second. ‘I was thinking ‘ Is this for real !?’ – Feels Amazing.’

    The ground gets closer and closer and suddenly your instructor opens the parachute. The rush of air suddenly stops and you glide back down to earth in serene silence, doing a few twists and turns – almost like a rollacoster as you get back to earth. The landing was fantastic – no broken legs! and I can honestly say it was one of the best, most exhilarating experiences I have ever done.

  • 20 Nov 2006 3:35 AM | Sewa UK (Administrator)

    The Mount Kilimanjaro trek was organised for the very first time by Sewa International.
    23 Participants completed the trek from 11 July to 18 July 2006 (12 were from Bradford and Leeds) and with ages ranging from 16 to 58.

    Sewa International have raised a phenomenal £61,858 in funds to date.
    The organisers would wish to thank all donors.

    Satish Shah, Trek Coordinator reports.

    We chose the popular MARANGU ROUTE also known as the coca cola route.
    Day 1 was registration followed by 4-5 hour walk through beautiful rain forest to Mandara Hut, 2077m.
    Day 2 started early for 7 hour walk to Harombo Hut, 3720m. The vegetation was changing to moorland.
    Day 3 was an acclimatisation walk up to the Zebra rocks, 4000m and back to Harombo.

    Day 4 saw an 8 hour trek through alpine desert landscape up to Kibo Hut, 4700m. Few were feeling the altitude sickness. Early into the sleeping bag at sun set to be woken up at 11pm for a light snack. At 12.30 am we set off for the summit, the temperature was -20c and with the thin air progress was slow. Eventually 17 made it to Gilman Point, 5681m. The guides did a marvellous job of assisting few who had to give up due to mountain sickness.

    Projects in Kenya currently being supported

    – Jaipur food project with Rotary Club £5100
    – Water pump project with Young Jains £8100
    – Education aid project with Jamuri High School, Nairobi £13100 over four years.
    – Environment project with local community participation – tree planting £3100
    – Eye camps cataracts operations £5100

    Comments from participants

    I have run lot of sponsored marathons for local charities over the years. The temptation to climb Kili was too great to miss.”
    Kamlesh Patel

    “After being cajoled into joining the trek and training in the Yorkshire dales, I thoroughly enjoyed the trek. Equally challenging was raising funds for worthwhile projects and new skills have been picked up.”
    Ashwin Mistry

    The trek was a childhood dream come true, for many in the group


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