Handicapped children are a great cause of concern for parents. Such parents have to carry the piles of sorrow on their head throughout their life. Their heart breaks at every moment while witnessing the fact that their children cannot lead a normal life like the other ones. Samvedana rehabilitation centre has come to the rescue of such children that enables them lead a normal life by boosting their confidence. All parents have a dream that their child should excel in every walk of life. However, destiny plays a cruel game with some people. Suresh Patil is one such victim; his son was born with multiple physical disorders. However, instead of grieving over the issue, Mr and Mrs Patil began to discover the way through which their son can stand on his own feet. One thing they realized was that their son is not sick; he is disabled. Like various kinds of other disabilities, this can also be overcome and their son can also become self sufficient to a maximum extent. Mr and Mrs Patil initiated research in this direction and came to knew that their child has been hit by cerebral palsy; a disorder caused by injuries or abnormalities of the brain. While thinking about the needs of their own child, Patil  was moved by the plight of similar such affected children in the society. What can be done so that along with our own child, these children will also get an equal right to live like the other normal children in the society ? This question struck their mind and this gave birth to a unique rehabilitation centre in the name SAMVEDANA for cerebral palsy-hit children in Latur.

At this school, these children get homely love; their passion for life is triggered and talents are rectified. The school that was started along with just three children has a strength of 25 at present. There are a number of government run schools for handicapped but the number of schools for children hit by cerebral palsy is quite low. Taking this fact into account, SAMVEDANA Rehabilitation Centre was opened. samvedana, latur, cerebral palsy, rehabilitation, jankalyan samiti, vivekanand medical foundation & research centre Along with the education, they get one more important thing here and that is self sufficiency to stand on own feet. For this, their self confidence is boosted and physical stamina is increased. Children love to stay here because of the affection. They are treated with utmost care and belongingness. Children come to school by a school van. After the prayer, Suryanamaskar and other physical exercises are taught. As per the requirement of the individual child, massage and physiotherapy are given. Efforts are made so that the child can maintain his balance and stand on his own feet. With the help of walker or with somebodies help, children become self sufficient to stand and walk slowly. A lot of feelings are hidden in their heart but due to the lack of speech, those cannot be expressed. Hence, in order to get them expressed, speech therapy is given and that too through the medium of games and entertainment. By playing small and simple games, they learn to speak and recognize letters and numbers. Their tongue is very stiff and its indeed a herculean task to make it flexible for utterance. However, with great patience, the teachers here accomplish this task and make these children earn the right to speak. Their thoughts are channelized so that they can easily express their feelings. By showing various objects, they are taught to recognize colours and move the fingers. Because of this, slowly, their fingers start moving on the keyboard. Food is fed by the teachers only. Teachers look after their meals with a great sense of belongingness. After the classroom session is over, children are given the work of their own choice. This includes gardening, cleaning the premises, planting the saplings, watering the plants, etc through which they derive utmost pleasure. Each child works as per his physical capacity. Teachers also render selfless service for the welfare of these kids. Earlier, the centre was run by the Patil duo alone but now there are 8 to 10 teachers here. In spite of having their own children, they devote their precious time for teaching at the centre. Along with school, training is also necessary for these kids at their homes. Hence the counseling of parents is also done by the centre. These children don’t want our sympathy or mercy; what they want is just our sensitivity towards them. SAMVEDANA has boosted the confidence of such children to touch the sky who earlier did not even know to move their fingers.


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