Dr Wali Tasar Uddin(Edinburgh, Scotland): “This visit has opened my eyes and I sincerely appreciate the work done by Sewa International UK. I would not hesitate to associate myself with this organisation in future”

“Thank you very much to Sewa International UK and the team for what you have done for us, your professionalism and sincerity has touched our hearts. “

Eleanor Gussman from the Asian Music Circuit said “this was an extremely worthwhile trip for me and I will ensure that I keep in touch to follow up the progress of our adopted school”.

Leonard Evans, a fundraiser from Coventry said “this is my second visit in 3 years and I can see that the work completed has been of excellent standards. It is also heartening to see all communities have been given houses and rehabilitation.

Leonard Evans, also said : “Sewa International UK should be rightly proud of what they have achieved. Over the last 7 days, I have seen some brilliant humanitarian work that they do all over India at very minimal costs. Well done.”

Mahendra Pattni from Greenford Willow Tree Lions Club commented that “my organisation has had a long standing relationship with Sewa International UK, and I would just like to commend them for their excellent rehabilitation work that they have completed in such a short time. We shall look for ways in which we can work together even more in the future and we wish them well.”

Ranjan Ladwa & Dhiraj Chandegra from Sorathia Prajapati Community said “we were very happy to see the schools that have been built from funds that our community had given to Sewa and we will go back to the UK and inform all our members of the great job done by Sewa International UK and Seva Bharati. We have met some wonderful people working for both these organisations and we look forward to continue to work with them in the future.”

Cllr Ashok Kalia from Derby City Council commented: “This is my second visit in 3 years to view the rehabilitation projects in Gujarat and I am very pleased with the progress that has been made over the last 3 years. During our visits to various locations in Gujarat over the last 4 days, we have seen reconstructed homes, roads and water systems in the towns and villages that had been damaged or destroyed by the earthquake. I am happy to see the economic activity is also returning to the area, which is a sign of the spirit, dignity and resilience of the people of Gujarat in the face of disaster. I am very happy with the completed village of Mitha Pasvalia which has been jointly funded by the people of Derby & Nottingham. I offer my best wishes to Sewa International UK and Seva Bharati for a job well done.”

The Lord Mayor of Coventry, Cllr Sucha Bains said “It is a great pleasure for me to be in Gujarat to view the work done to rehabilitate the victims of the earthquake. I am deeply appreciative of your invitation and have been touched by the warm reception and hospitality the Lady Mayoress and I have received. Throughout the last few days, I had the opportunity to visit the earthquake affected areas, in and around Bhuj and I am impressed that people have borne their grief with dignity and fortitude and helped by the support of their government and Seva Bharati they are rebuilding their lives once more.”

Kishore Shah from Hindu Cultural Society, Middlesbrough commented that “this was a well times and well organised tour which has successfully showed the various organisations in the UK that the money donated by them has been well utilised. I am very impressed with the rehabilitation work that has been carried out by Sewa International UK and Seva Bharati.”

Arun Bhandari, from Sri Sri Radha Krishna Cultural Centre in Coventry said “It is heartening to see the progress made, the rebuilt villages and schools and the construction of roads and water systems and the extensive rehabilitation planning efforts for the victims who were severely affected by the quake.” He continued “Let me assure you, that my organisation values its special relationship with Sewa International UK and will continue to be one of your enduring partners in your efforts for the social and economic development in times of disasters and calamities.”