Cycle 4 Sewa is a fun day out where the community can come together and enjoy a day of cycling.

This initiative was started in 2012 in East London.

The objective on the day is to cycle around a track (approx. 1km) as many times as possible within a 2-hour time frame. Children of all ages and capabilities take part. Initially, only children could participate but in the 3rd year it then opened up to adults. Fundraising is done by collecting money through sponsorship for each lap cycled or by donating a fixed amount.

The Team Event was introduced in 2014. Teams consist of 5 cyclists registering for entry (possibly sponsored by local companies) that cycle around the same track after the fun ride is over

The track used for Cycle 4 Sewa London is the official Olympic test track in Redbridge, East London. The track is on tarmac but free from traffic.

Cycle 4 Sewa Manchester started in 2014 using Tameside Cycle Circuit as its track, followed by Birmingham in 2015 held at the Tudor Grange Park Cycle Track.

All our events include a Cycle 4 Sewa T-shirt, medal & certificate upon registration.


  • London 2012: 76 Cyclists
  • London 2013: 99 Cyclists
  • London 2014: 139 Cyclists
  • Manchester 2014: 87 Cyclists
  • London 2015: 109 Cyclists
  • Manchester 2015: 61 Cyclists
  • Birmingham 2015: 53 Cyclists
  • London 2016: 155 Cyclists
  • Manchester 2016: 70 Cyclists
  • Birmingham 2016: 59 Cyclists
  • London 2017: 198 Cyclists
  • Manchester 2017: 89 Cyclists

Registration Has Now Closed

Thank you for visiting the Cycle4Sewa registration page. Online registrations have now closed. However you will still be able to register on the day. We look forward to seeing you on 1st Sept!

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