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“Let every deaf child speak” Cochlea Pune for Hearing and Speech

The facts:

  • Did you know 800 children are born deaf every year in Pune?
  • 650 of those children do not have the ability to receive a proper education in Pune
  • These children are born deaf but they are not born mute

“Early detection and intervention can help these children speak and lead a normal life”
– Dr Avinash M.Wachasunder M.S. (ENT) Practicing ENT surgeon

Cochlea Pune for hearing and speech has been a growing charitable trust who specialise in supporting congenitally born deaf children from the age of 0 through to 6 years.

Through early detection and intervention, the Cochlea team has become the trusted charity for mothers supporting their children. Starting with just one centre, one teacher and one student the centre has now spread its message and support across rural areas of Pune through to Goa.

The charity now supports over 125 children to help them hear and speak with the assistance of over 35 teachers, hearing aids, providing speech therapy and most importantly through the specialist Swaranaad pre-school. The children learn language, mathematics and general knowledge. The Swaranaad pre-school encourages and gives each child the confidence to join mainstream schools and continue their education.

The Cochlea team’s efforts and the Swaranaad pre-school has made it a beacon of hope for many families and children suffering. Last year they admitted over 22 children to the pre-school which has continued to grow.

With the rate of admission, the Cochlea team have run out of room and they need your support now.

Sewa UK, with the support of 90 volunteers from the UK, America, Australia and India, are supporting Cochlea Pune to raise £150,000 to build a state of the art Swaranaad pre-school which will allow the Cochlea team to not only provide further support to current children but also allow the admission of more children. Below are the images of the approved building, which with your support we can build.

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Together we can let every deaf child speak

Cochlea Pune
Cochlea Pune
Cochlea Pune
Cochlea Pune


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