The Northern Cleft Foundation provides cleft lip and palate surgery for children and adults in India who would otherwise be unable to access specialised treatment.

Each year a team of medical and nursing volunteers travel to India with the Northern Cleft Foundation to provide high quality cleft surgery for those who struggle to access treatment.

Sewa UK and Dr Hedgewar Hospital of Aurangabad are joining hands with NCF to provide a brighter future to those with cleft and pallet deformities.


Trip Contingent

  • Sarah Clarke
  • Simon Van Eeden
  • Nivedita Kilgure
  • Mark Devlin
  • K Vasumoorthy
  • Prof Gosla Reddy
  • Neelam Patel


  • Aliamma
  • Susanne Cagienard
  • Julia Patterson
  • Louise Hall
  • Helen Gribbin
  • Mandy
  • Linda Hopson
  • Rosalind Woodend
  • Alison Barr
  • Ruth Nicholson
  • Sianedd Elliott
  • James Farrant
  • Nageena Hussain
  • John Francis
  • Tanja Beaumont
  • Siobhan McMahon
  • Suzanne Wood
  • Steph net Vaneeden
  • Lillie Dummer
  • Lewis Issac
  • Hiren Patel


  • Rani George
  • George Teturswamy
  • Uma Venkataraman
  • Sheila Bailey
  • Anne Geldart
  • Gudjon Leifur
  • Ambika Chadha
  • Jonathan Jones
  • Ghaly Adly Ghaly


2013 Camp at Dr Hedgewar Hospital, Aurangabad

22 Members of the Northern Cleft Foundations (NCF) carried out 88 operations in the 1st week of October 2013.

The partnership between Dr Hedgewar Hospital, NCF and SEWA International proved to be very successful, and the 3 partners will contiune to carry out such medical camps for a long time.



Free Surgeries for Minors


Cleft Surgery Report